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MMI Services

At MMI Agriculture Solutions, we offer products and services tailored specifically for each grow operation. When used in conjunction with one another, our services ensure that each job is completed thoroughly and efficiently. Whether you need all our services or just a select few, MMI will help optimize your project any way that we can.

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We have a nationwide installation crew to ensure every system is installed and running correctly. Our professional installation team is backed by the industry’s best 10-year warranty, ensuring that your extended grow will extend well into the future.

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Floor Plans & Drawings

Our professional drafters are well-versed in developing floor plans and customized drawings that maximize capacity.  Our design experts use the latest CAD software to create systems that meet each client’s specific needs.

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Capacity Evaluations

Once we have the measurements down, then we can evaluate the capacity for your operation. This is the most crucial step as it determines final capacity.

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Site Survey

Our field experts can visit each site to assess and measure the area. A plan will then be determined collaboratively by the client and our team to decide the best way to move forward.

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Seismic Calculations

Our systems are designed and fortified to withstand seismic complications, ensuring the safety of your employees and your operation.

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Permit Acquisition

Let us obtain your permits so that your team can focus on the more vital components of your operation.

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