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Do you have aspirations of large harvests filled with bountiful crops, but are finding it difficult to reach these goals due to limited space? Are the requests for your products getting to the point where you wish you had more space so that you could grow more to reach your increasing customer demand? If so, then MMI Agriculture is here to help. Based in Upstate New York, MMI Agriculture's high-density agriculture cultivation systems are the perfect solution for your grow operation. By utilizing every inch of available space, our systems offer a great opportunity to grow more than ever before!

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The MMI Agriculture Solutions Difference

MMI Agriculture is a high-density shelving manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing stationary and mobile shelving systems. These systems come equipped with a mechanical handle that allows the systems to be moved with ease. With our experience and expertise, our clients can rest assured that we manufacture and produce nothing but high-quality, long lasting products.

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Our Unique Selling Points

  • 10 year warranty on parts and labor (one of the best, if not the best, in the business)
  • Completely customizable systems
  • Personalized service for each and every operation
  • Nationwide installation crew to ensure every system is installed and running properly
  • Uprights have the ability to come in anti-microbial paint to help combat against fungus and bacteria
  • Our systems are easily integrated with any type of lighting
  • We also manufacture tabletop units on caster wheels, for those operations that do not need a larger system.

Top benefits of high-density storage systems

Increase Your Yield: Using our high-density agriculture cultivation system, our clients have seen their yields double or triple in size thanks to the additional canopy space our systems create.

Increase Your Productivity: Due to the multiple tiers of growth that our systems allow, you will be able to keep up with your ever-growing customer demand.

Save Money: High-density cultivation systems use space more efficiently, meaning you can grow more plants without having to invest in expanding your grow rooms or purchasing an additional site.

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