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Don’t Settle for an Inefficient Agriculture Vertical Racking System

Upgrade To One of Our High-Density, Mobile Vertical Grow Systems Today.

Why people choose us

Why Companies Choose Us

drawing of vertical farming technology to grow cannabis marijuana hemp indoors on vertical growing racks

Top Benefits of High-Density Vertical Racking Systems

Increase Your Yield

Our indoor agriculture clients have seen their yields double in size thanks to the additional canopy space provided by our racking. Our vertical grow racks create seamless usability for our high-density agriculture cultivation system.

Increase Productivity

Our multiple tiers of canopy allow our clients to keep up with the ever-growing customer demand.

Save Money

High-density vertical racking systems use space efficiently. You can grow more plants without needing to acquire more land or expand on a current operation.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Our 10 year warranty on parts and labor means we stand behind our systems for a full 10 years, while others in the industry only offer a 1 year warranty.

The Mmi Agriculture Difference

How Our Agriculture Cultivation Systems Can Help

Mobile Carriages Grow Racks

Integration Partners

MMI has teamed up with the industry best specialty brands in order to deliver an optimized and integrated solution both inside the rack and outside. Learn more about our Parent company and Partners! Click on the links.

Comprehensive Service and support you can rely on.

We Stand Behind Our Products

All of Our Products & Services include

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