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Mobile Carriages

Mobile Carriages

Make the Most of Your Growing Space

Eliminate wasted space with our mobile carriages. Our high-density mobile capabilities allow our customers to maximize their yields by having more available canopy space. Going mobile eliminates wasted space and turns it into a more functional and effective horticultural operation. Our carriages sit atop flange wheels capable of supporting up to 1,400 pounds per linear square foot. Our carriages can extend up to 56 feet!

We manufacture all of our carriages in-house, giving us the ability to customize every system to serve each unique grow operation.

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Benefits of Mobile Carriages

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Using a drainage grid, our trays ensure that each plant is getting the proper water flow. With a depth of 3″, our trays are available in 8’x4′, 6×4′, and 4’x4′, with other sizes available upon customer request.

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