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About Us

About MMI Agriculture

Mobile & Vertical Grow Systems

MMI Agriculture is a high-density vertical grow rack manufacturer located in Ellenville, NY. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-density mobile, vertical grow rack shelving systems for the vertical farming industry. An extension of MMI Storage Solutions, MMI Agriculture has the experience and expertise to ensure that each and every grow operation is maximizing their growing potential by utilizing every inch of available grow space, both horizontally and vertically. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we manufacture and produce nothing but high-quality products that are customized to optimize each and every grow operation.

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Grow More

Our systems allow each grow operation to reach its full agricultural potential. Allowing for more densely populated growing space both horizontally and vertically, our systems ensure that every available inch of space is utilized. With the industry's best warranty protecting our systems for up to 10 years, MMI prides itself on ensuring that your extended grows extend well into the future.

Save More

We recognize that one of the main reasons our systems are so alluring is the return on investment. With the increase in productivity, yield, and space that our grow rack systems offer, your return on investment will be felt almost immediately. By using our system, we can guarantee that you will yield more than ever before.

Yield More

By utilizing our mobile grow rack capabilities in conjunction with our multi-tiered layers for growth, our systems ensure that each harvest will yield more than ever before. Our systems allow you to yield up to 200% more per harvest when compared to a stationary grow solution.

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