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Vertical Grow Racks

Vertical Grow Racks

Reach New Heights With Your Grow System

Our vertical grow racks help our clients to extend their available grow space horizontally. Our uprights are available up to 21′ high, allowing  for dual-level access. We have the ability to go higher upon customer request.

Our bulk racking is made of 14-gauge steel with an 8-bend design for extra strength. Cross and diagonal beams result in one of the strongest uprights on the market. Our step beams are also 14-gauge steel with three interlocking tabs per upright for added rigidity.

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Maximize Your Grow Room Space

Transform your grow room with Mobile Vertical Racks, the ultimate space-saving solution. These racks are designed to utilize both the square and cubic feet of your room optimally. By extending up to the full height of the space and featuring mobile carriages, they effectively eliminate the need for fixed aisles. This innovation allows for the installation of additional racks within the same area, ensuring efficient use of your grow room’s footprint.

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Benefits of Vertical Grow Racks

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