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MMI Products

Essential Products To The Vertical Farming Industry

MMI Agriculture specializes in vertical grow racking systems. We offer several products to assist in all aspects of your grow operation. We manufacture every system in-house, allowing us the ability to customize our products to fit each grows’ specific needs.

image of vertical grow racks for sale. vertical growing equipment for sale. hydroponic trays, grow trays, and grow racks for your cannabis facility.

Mobile Carriages

Our high-density mobile carriages have the capabilities to help our customers maximize their yields up to 200% more per harvest by having more available canopy space.

Image of angled vertical grow racks. commercial grow op setup. vertical growing. grow equipment and growing trays for cannabis production.

Vertical Grow Racks

Our vertical racks help extend the available grow space vertically so that you can reach new heights, both with your crops and your business.

Table Top Caster Units

Our tabletop caster units sit atop of caster wheels. These units allow for a seamless transition to and from rooms, making them an ideal choice for those operations that do not need a completely mobile system.

Mezzanine Rolled Out Front image. indoor grow systems and stack racks for sale. grow room setup, bloom room, and vertical farming systems.

Retractable Elevated Decking

Our retractable mezzanine walkway allows easy access to those sections located on higher elevations. (Patent Pending)

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