Need More Space? Go Vertical.

Learn about our retractable elevated decking in Pine Bush, NY

You've created a layout for your growing space, and you think you're making the most of your horizontal area. But what about the vertical space? Move upward with retractable elevated decking from MMI Agriculture Solutions. Our team can help you figure out how elevated decking can improve your yield and where you can implement it into your space.

Accessing those plants located on higher elevations has always been challenging for the vertical farming community. Our retractable mezzanine walkway makes accessing those plants easy and effortless. Employees no longer have to spend countless trips up and down ladders to tend to those plants that are higher-up. By using our retractable mezzanine walkway, our customers can rest assured knowing that their employees are not only saving time and energy throughout the day, but also doing so safely.

Based in Pine Bush, NY, we serve both nationwide and internationally.

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3 benefits of retractable elevated decking

When you incorporate retractable elevated decking into your growing operation, you'll notice the difference right away. We recommend elevated decking because...

  1. It can help you make use of more of your growing space.
  2. You'll have easy access to all of your plants for hands-on care.
  3. It will provide you with an easy walkway to get to higher-up plants.
The ability to move these shelves out of the way provides you with safer access to your plants. Speak with a team member about your options today.