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A Comprehensive Look Into Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

4 Must Know Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

This post will highlight the most common types of indoor marijuana growing systems that every commercial cannabis farmer should be aware of.

The methods of how we store and cook food have evolved throughout time. This shift is due to technological advancements in the manufacture of refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and other appliances. Similarly, plant cultivation has changed with the development of indoor growing systems. 

Indoor marijuana growing systems enable people to cultivate high-quality cannabis and other plants. This is because these systems give you complete control over the plant and what you put in it. Furthermore, indoor grow systems allow you to grow virtually anywhere, from a small apartment to a commercial warehouse or greenhouse

Benefits Of Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

1. Environmental Control

Are your plants getting the right amount of sunlight, CO2, or humidity for good growth? With indoor marijuana grow systems, you don’t need to have such concerns.

Indoor systems include installing grow lights, ventilation systems, and CO2 burners, all automated to ensure optimal plant growth conditions. Timers can also be used to determine when the plant’s cycle should be in the vegetative or flowering stage.

2. Optimize Your Yields By Having Control Of Everythingcannabis plants growing indoors using vertical farming technology.

When you grow plants indoors, you create the environment they require, including the grow medium, such as soil. You will also be controlling the plants’ nutrition, water, temperature, and humidity. This control aids you in determining the grade of cannabis and yields you will harvest in the end.

3. You Can Go Multiple Tiers and Double or Triple Your Available Canopy Space

Indoor growing introduces a new cultivation method known as vertical farming. Vertical farming is the production of crops on vertically stacked tiers.  This practice converts your grow room overhead space into revenue by increasing your available grow space.

4. Eliminate The Possibility Of Severe Weather And Animals Damaging Or Destroying Your Cropssnow and severe weather

Indoor growing comes with an added level of security. Your plants are contained within the confines of walls and doors that you can lock. This helps to deter potential vandalism or destruction by animals.

Furthermore, your crops are completely safe from the effects of severe weather conditions, such as strong winds or a scorching sun.

5. In Areas With Seasonal Changes, You Can Grow Year-Round

Unlike outdoor growing, the sun or seasons do not influence indoor cultivation. Your yields are consistent, whether it’s summer or winter. Furthermore, you have complete control over your marijuana flowers, in terms of when they are harvested, and when to plant another batch. 

Four Types Of Cannabis Indoor Marijuana Grow Systems You Should Be Aware Of

Space is an important consideration when deciding on the indoor cannabis grow system to use. The amount of space available will determine whether you use a grow box, a closet, or a tent growing system. 

Indoor growing is a low-cost method of growing marijuana at home. Furthermore, most grow systems are automated, making them suitable for even inexperienced farmers. 

The systems are unique in size and features, catering to every situation: whether you’re growing cannabis commercially in grow rooms or using your closet space. 

There are a number of growing systems to consider. Choosing the right one all depends on the size of your operation. 

1. Marijuana Grow Tents SystemMarijuana Grow Tents System

A grow tent is a fabric box lined with light and heat reflective material. You need to equip it with light and ventilation to allow you to plant indoors year-round. A grow tent is perfect for people in apartments or homes without yards who want to grow medical marijuana. 

The reflective material ensures your plants receive full light once the grow lights are on. The fabric cover helps insulate your garden’s temperature and humidity levels. A grow tent system gives you control over your garden’s environment. 

A tent consists of a frame and fabric cover. The frame holds the cover and gives the tent its square or rectangular shape. The cover zips up to enclose your grow. 

Who should use a grow tent? It’s suitable for small-scale cannabis grow, especially those restricted by minimal grow space.

What should you consider when buying a tent?

• Size of Your Tent

Grow tents come in different sizes. You need to know how many plants you want to grow, which will determine the tent you should purchase. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. The sizes range from a 2x2ft tent that fits two plants. Or a 10x10ft that can hold 30 plants.

• Available Space

Tents are portable and, according to the size you have purchased, can fit in whatever space  you purchased, can fit in whatever space you have available to you, be it a basement, closet, or entire room.

• Plant Segregation

What you harvest is determined by the sex of the plants. Female cannabis plants are grown for their buds, whereas male cannabis plants produce materials used to produce hemp fiber. 

In addition, pollination of the same plants results in females producing seeds, which may degrade bud quality. As a result, you may need to consider purchasing two or more tents to separate the plants.

• The Cover

The cover should be tough and without perforations to ensure that light does not leak into your plants when it should be dark. 

There are two types of materials that are commonly used. The first is the oxford cloth, which is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant, ensuring that light reflects appropriately. The other material is canvas, which is thick, tough, and water-resistant. 

2. Cannabis Grow Box/Cabinets Indoor Growing SystemCannabis grow box used in indoor marijuana grow rooms. Order vertical shelving and vertical grow racks USA.

A grow box is a self-contained environment for cannabis cultivation. The grow box includes all nutrients, lights, and air conditioning. 

A grow box is smaller than a tent, allowing it to fit more naturally into a room. 

Grow boxes are a stealthy way to grow weed because they are disguised as a cabinet. As a result, they are also known as grow cabinets. 

When you buy a grow box system, it comes with all necessary equipment, all automated. There are also high-end boxes that include a CO2 enhancer and a plant tracking app. 

When purchasing a box, you should know whether you want to use hydroponics or soil as a growing medium. You’ll also need to know which tray to plant in. 

Grow boxes can be purchased, but one can also build their own. A homemade system necessitates a lot of upkeep, whereas purchased systems come fully equipped with timers to automate the growing process. 

3. Marijuana Closet Indoor Growing Systemphoto of indoor marijuana growing systems growing cannabis plants for commercial sales.

A closet grow system is space in a closet, cupboard, or wardrobe repurposed and equipped to provide conditions necessary for growing marijuana. 

You’ll need to restructure your closet to accommodate the plants. To get your grow closet up and running, do the following:

  • Paint the inner walls white to allow for as much light reflection as possible 
  • Set up the lighting
  • Have your growing trays or pots in place
  • Set up the exhaust system
  • Determine the growing medium
  • Grow your cannabis seeds 

You can also choose to buy a grow closet. They are small growing spaces with pre-installed ventilation, grow trays, and other essential growing equipment. These types also include smart controls that allow you to automate the environment and monitor the growth of your plants. 

You can cultivate in a closet as small as 36 inches wide by 24 inches tall. Fortunately, most full-sized closets have larger dimensions. 

Notably, the grow space can be pretty small, so you should keep the plant height under control. You can choose auto-flowering varieties that grow less than a meter tall. You can also control the plant’s stretch by adjusting the phosphorus levels

4. Greenhouse/ Warehouse/ Commercial Grow Room Systemmobile carriages vertical farming technology indoor cannabis grow. buy vertical farming racks, vertical grow rack systems, and high density vertical farming equipment.

When you invest in a greenhouse or warehouse to plant your cannabis plants, you are going big. Before you do anything else, you should get a cultivation license because that massive structure will undoubtedly attract some attention. 

Farming in a commercial grow room can be expensive because every component required to create the ideal growing environment will have to be high output equipment. 

The first step in setting up a commercial grow room is to zone it to accommodate the various stages of the marijuana plant’s life cycle: seeds, vegetative, and flowering stages. Each of these stages requires a different environment, such as varying light and humidity levels. 

Moreover, whether you own or rent the space, you should strive to maximize the available grow space. Mobile shelving systems allow you to stack your plants up to multiple tiers high, doubling or tripling the amount of space set aside for growing.  

Then again, their mobility allows for only one aisle per system, as opposed to static, non-movable units, which require an aisle for each section of shelving. Because you only need one aisle, you can save up to 50% of unused plant space. 

Get Started With An Indoor Marijuana Growing System

Join the marijuana home grow revolution with grow tents, closets, or cabinet indoor grow systems. For a mid-sized or large-scale operation, grow rooms are your best bet. 

Companies like MMI Agriculture are here to smoothen your indoor grow experience with our array of products like high-density mobile carriages, tabletop caster units, and ABS grow trays.

Contact us for a quote. 

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