Grow Shelves for Your Commercial Operation: Benches, Tables, and Vertical Growing Systems

Having a good sense of what grow shelves are, components, & how they function should put you on the roadmap to a profitable grow operation.

Versatile and Durable: Grow Shelves Vertical Growing Systems For Cannabis Cultivation

When it comes to indoor growing, there’s a lot to consider when acquiring your cultivation equipment.

 For example, your vertical grow shelves are major equipment in your indoor grow as they host your cannabis plants, consequently taking the lion’s share of your initial investment.

Having a good sense of what grow shelves are, their components, and how they function should put you on the roadmap to a profitable grow operation.

Indoor cannabis farming is cultivating plants entirely indoors, such as in a warehouse or skyscraper within a controlled environment. 

There are two main components of indoor cannabis cultivation; vertical growing systems and controlled environment agriculture technology (CEA).

CEA allows you to provide an outdoor environment indoors. The indoor environment automates your temperature, CO2, light, humidity, and nutrients for optimal plant growth and yields.

What Is Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology(CEA)

CEA is a technology-based approach to food production.

The aim is to provide protection to plants against harsh weather, facilitating an all-year growing season. 

Moreover, it helps reduce pest and disease infection, enhance sustainability, increase yields, improve efficiency and save on costs.

CEA allows you to provide an outdoor environment indoors. The indoor environment automates your temperature, CO2, light, humidity, and nutrients for optimal plant growth and yields.

Some of the technologies used in CEA include hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics. 

Hydroponics is a standard technology in indoor grow cannabis cultivation. It’s a type of horticulture that involves growing your cannabis plants on hydroponic trays using water-based mineral nutrient solutions.

The grow shelves carry your plants, lighting, ventilation, and irrigation equipment, ensuring your plants get the right conditions for growth.

What Are Cannabis Vertical Growing Systems?

Vertical farming is cultivating cannabis in vertically stacked layers, also known as grow shelves.

The grow shelves carry your plants, lighting, ventilation, and irrigation equipment, ensuring your plants get the right conditions for growth.

There are a variety of vertical growing systems, such as vertical grow racks, mobile carriages, and tabletop caster units.

Each vertical growing system provides unique functionalities to help optimize your grow space.

But why emphasize vertical grow systems compared to traditionally used horizontal grow beds or tables for your indoor grow space? 

Each vertical growing system provides unique functionalities to help optimize your grow space.

Benefits of Vertical Growing Systems

1. Better Use of Indoor Grow Space

Stacked grow shelves allow you to expand upwards on your indoor grow space. Therefore you can achieve higher productivity on a small land area.

Moreover, mobile carriages can eradicate static aisles, saving more space. You only need to create aisles when catering to particular grow shelves in your grow space.

2. Vertical Growing Systems Minimises Water Usage

Cultivation on grow shelves is mainly done on hydroponic trays (or hydroponics technology). This technology uses up to 90% less water than traditional methods. As a result, fewer fertilizers and nutrients are used.

The water is also easily recycled and reused, reducing waste and lowering utility costs.

3. Safe Food Production

The cannabis plants are within a closed, controlled environment, so the infestation of pests and diseases minimizes.

For example, Indica strains are susceptible to mold attack within high humidity. Controlled humidity levels ensure optimum conditions for healthy plant growth.

Minimized attack of plants leads to little or no use of chemicals and pesticides and, thus, safe, high-quality plants.

Consistent Quality and Crop Production

Vertical growing systems present you with an opportunity to grow year-round. Moreover, with controlled environmental conditions, you can grow continuously without compromising quality or flavor.

Then again, with unique light frequencies and other customized growing conditions, you can enhance the flavor of cannabis plants, increasing your profit margins.

To reap these benefits, you must acquire suitable vertical growing systems that optimize your indoor space.

Whether growing in a skyscraper, warehouse, container, or a simple home grow, there’s an ideal vertical grow system for your space.

What to Look for When Choosing Vertical Grow Systems

  1. Size of Grow Space

Whether growing in a skyscraper, warehouse, container, or a simple home grow, there’s an ideal vertical grow system for your space.

For a home-grow, tabletop caster units provide the convenience and compatibility you need for a small space. 

On the other hand, mobile carriages provide you with good space utilization and dependability for warehouse (or commercial) grow.

  1. Type of Plants

When deciding on the vertical system to purchase, you need to be conversant with the various cannabis strains.

For example, Sativas stains are a tall variety and hence can limit the number of tiers on your grow shelves. Conversely, Indicas are a short strain; hence, you may increase tiers depending on your space and plant more per square foot. It’s a similar case for hybrid strains. Each variety will provide its unique challenges.

Read more on Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrids on our blog for insights into their unique cultivation requirements.

  1. Lighting, Irrigation, and Ventilation Equipment

Some vertical grow racks have in-built lighting, but in most cases, they are built with provisions to install your grow lights.

Moreover, the tops of your tiers should be fitted with trays to accommodate your growing media. Be it soil, hydroponics, or aeroponics, vertical grow systems should be made to sustain your cultivation method.

Types of Vertical Growing Systems

Vertical grow racks are made similarly to shelves you see in Costco or Home Depot. They are high-density steel structures that can support heavy weights.

Vertical Grow Racks

Vertical grow racks are made similarly to shelves you see in Costco or Home Depot. They are high-density steel structures that can support heavy weights.

The same structures were rethought and made for the indoor cannabis growing industry. That is considering the plant’s height, space for lighting, and other growing equipment to ensure healthy plants.

At MMI Agriculture, we have honed in on the farmer’s needs in cultivating cannabis and designed our vertical grow racks with utility and efficiency in mind.

Some common features include

  • 14 gauge steel beams with interlocking tabs to ensure a tight fit 
  • Powder coated for rust resistance and maintaining cleanliness 
  • Provisions for installing grow lights and irrigation systems
  • 3 feet wide shelving to ensure ease of access to plants 
  • Customizable vertical space for plants to ensure proper spacing between lights and canopy 
  • Ten years warranty on parts and labor 

Mobile carriages are multi-tier racks you can quickly move using a handle, even when loaded with cannabis plants.

Mobile Carriages

Mobile carriages are multi-tier racks you can quickly move using a handle, even when loaded with cannabis plants.

It allow you to maximize further on your grow space by eliminating static aisles. You can create aisles and tend to your plants using the handle systems.

Notably, they are expensive compared to other vertical growing systems but are well worth the investment for commercial cannabis cultivation.

Some exceptional features of our mobile carriages include:

  • Track capabilities and components 
  • Carriage capabilities and components holding up to 1400 pounds per carriage foot
  • Drives and handles capabilities that include rust-resistant drive shafts and a standard single-spoke mechanical assist handle to help you move loads seamlessly and effortlessly 

For a home grow or mid-sized cannabis grow op, tabletop caster units are the ideal vertical growing systems.

Tabletop Caster Units

For a home grow or mid-sized cannabis grow op, tabletop caster units are the ideal vertical growing systems.

These mid-sized indoor growing systems sit on caster wheels, making it easy to move between rooms. Additionally, the caster wheels are designed to swivel and lock in place.

Moreover, they are pocket-friendly systems to get you started on your indoor cannabis grow.

Moreover, for a commercial grow, the caster units are ideal for growing your seeds or clones, as you can seamlessly move them from the allocated growing sections to your vertical grow racks.

Choosing the proper grow shelves is pivotal to a successful cannabis indoor grow operation. They account for the biggest share of your initial investments, so you should ensure you get it right the first time.

Get Reliable Vertical Growing Systems With MMI Agriculture

Choosing the proper grow shelves is pivotal to a successful cannabis indoor grow operation. They account for the biggest share of your initial investments, so you should ensure you get it right the first time.

MMI Agriculture is an indoor growing systems installation company with years of experience in the industry. Our high-density uprights and personalized preliminary services, like capacity evaluations and free floor plan drawings, ensure a seamless shift into vertical farming.

We set you up and provide a 10-year warranty on our installation services and equipment, ensuring you get settled into this lucrative industry. 

So, what are you holding out for? Contact us today for a quote.

A Comprehensive Look Into Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

cannabis plants growing with indoor marijuana growing systems.

4 Must Know Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

This post will highlight the most common types of indoor marijuana growing systems that every commercial cannabis farmer should be aware of.

The methods of how we store and cook food have evolved throughout time. This shift is due to technological advancements in the manufacture of refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and other appliances. Similarly, plant cultivation has changed with the development of indoor growing systems. 

Indoor marijuana growing systems enable people to cultivate high-quality cannabis and other plants. This is because these systems give you complete control over the plant and what you put in it. Furthermore, indoor grow systems allow you to grow virtually anywhere, from a small apartment to a commercial warehouse or greenhouse

Benefits Of Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

1. Environmental Control

Are your plants getting the right amount of sunlight, CO2, or humidity for good growth? With indoor marijuana grow systems, you don’t need to have such concerns.

Indoor systems include installing grow lights, ventilation systems, and CO2 burners, all automated to ensure optimal plant growth conditions. Timers can also be used to determine when the plant’s cycle should be in the vegetative or flowering stage.

2. Optimize Your Yields By Having Control Of Everythingcannabis plants growing indoors using vertical farming technology.

When you grow plants indoors, you create the environment they require, including the grow medium, such as soil. You will also be controlling the plants’ nutrition, water, temperature, and humidity. This control aids you in determining the grade of cannabis and yields you will harvest in the end.

3. You Can Go Multiple Tiers and Double or Triple Your Available Canopy Space

Indoor growing introduces a new cultivation method known as vertical farming. Vertical farming is the production of crops on vertically stacked tiers.  This practice converts your grow room overhead space into revenue by increasing your available grow space.

4. Eliminate The Possibility Of Severe Weather And Animals Damaging Or Destroying Your Cropssnow and severe weather

Indoor growing comes with an added level of security. Your plants are contained within the confines of walls and doors that you can lock. This helps to deter potential vandalism or destruction by animals.

Furthermore, your crops are completely safe from the effects of severe weather conditions, such as strong winds or a scorching sun.

5. In Areas With Seasonal Changes, You Can Grow Year-Round

Unlike outdoor growing, the sun or seasons do not influence indoor cultivation. Your yields are consistent, whether it’s summer or winter. Furthermore, you have complete control over your marijuana flowers, in terms of when they are harvested, and when to plant another batch. 

Four Types Of Cannabis Indoor Marijuana Grow Systems You Should Be Aware Of

Space is an important consideration when deciding on the indoor cannabis grow system to use. The amount of space available will determine whether you use a grow box, a closet, or a tent growing system. 

Indoor growing is a low-cost method of growing marijuana at home. Furthermore, most grow systems are automated, making them suitable for even inexperienced farmers. 

The systems are unique in size and features, catering to every situation: whether you’re growing cannabis commercially in grow rooms or using your closet space. 

There are a number of growing systems to consider. Choosing the right one all depends on the size of your operation. 

1. Marijuana Grow Tents SystemMarijuana Grow Tents System

A grow tent is a fabric box lined with light and heat reflective material. You need to equip it with light and ventilation to allow you to plant indoors year-round. A grow tent is perfect for people in apartments or homes without yards who want to grow medical marijuana. 

The reflective material ensures your plants receive full light once the grow lights are on. The fabric cover helps insulate your garden’s temperature and humidity levels. A grow tent system gives you control over your garden’s environment. 

A tent consists of a frame and fabric cover. The frame holds the cover and gives the tent its square or rectangular shape. The cover zips up to enclose your grow. 

Who should use a grow tent? It’s suitable for small-scale cannabis grow, especially those restricted by minimal grow space.

What should you consider when buying a tent?

• Size of Your Tent

Grow tents come in different sizes. You need to know how many plants you want to grow, which will determine the tent you should purchase. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. The sizes range from a 2x2ft tent that fits two plants. Or a 10x10ft that can hold 30 plants.

• Available Space

Tents are portable and, according to the size you have purchased, can fit in whatever space  you purchased, can fit in whatever space you have available to you, be it a basement, closet, or entire room.

• Plant Segregation

What you harvest is determined by the sex of the plants. Female cannabis plants are grown for their buds, whereas male cannabis plants produce materials used to produce hemp fiber. 

In addition, pollination of the same plants results in females producing seeds, which may degrade bud quality. As a result, you may need to consider purchasing two or more tents to separate the plants.

• The Cover

The cover should be tough and without perforations to ensure that light does not leak into your plants when it should be dark. 

There are two types of materials that are commonly used. The first is the oxford cloth, which is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant, ensuring that light reflects appropriately. The other material is canvas, which is thick, tough, and water-resistant. 

2. Cannabis Grow Box/Cabinets Indoor Growing SystemCannabis grow box used in indoor marijuana grow rooms. Order vertical shelving and vertical grow racks USA.

A grow box is a self-contained environment for cannabis cultivation. The grow box includes all nutrients, lights, and air conditioning. 

A grow box is smaller than a tent, allowing it to fit more naturally into a room. 

Grow boxes are a stealthy way to grow weed because they are disguised as a cabinet. As a result, they are also known as grow cabinets. 

When you buy a grow box system, it comes with all necessary equipment, all automated. There are also high-end boxes that include a CO2 enhancer and a plant tracking app. 

When purchasing a box, you should know whether you want to use hydroponics or soil as a growing medium. You’ll also need to know which tray to plant in. 

Grow boxes can be purchased, but one can also build their own. A homemade system necessitates a lot of upkeep, whereas purchased systems come fully equipped with timers to automate the growing process. 

3. Marijuana Closet Indoor Growing Systemphoto of indoor marijuana growing systems growing cannabis plants for commercial sales.

A closet grow system is space in a closet, cupboard, or wardrobe repurposed and equipped to provide conditions necessary for growing marijuana. 

You’ll need to restructure your closet to accommodate the plants. To get your grow closet up and running, do the following:

  • Paint the inner walls white to allow for as much light reflection as possible 
  • Set up the lighting
  • Have your growing trays or pots in place
  • Set up the exhaust system
  • Determine the growing medium
  • Grow your cannabis seeds 

You can also choose to buy a grow closet. They are small growing spaces with pre-installed ventilation, grow trays, and other essential growing equipment. These types also include smart controls that allow you to automate the environment and monitor the growth of your plants. 

You can cultivate in a closet as small as 36 inches wide by 24 inches tall. Fortunately, most full-sized closets have larger dimensions. 

Notably, the grow space can be pretty small, so you should keep the plant height under control. You can choose auto-flowering varieties that grow less than a meter tall. You can also control the plant’s stretch by adjusting the phosphorus levels

4. Greenhouse/ Warehouse/ Commercial Grow Room Systemmobile carriages vertical farming technology indoor cannabis grow. buy vertical farming racks, vertical grow rack systems, and high density vertical farming equipment.

When you invest in a greenhouse or warehouse to plant your cannabis plants, you are going big. Before you do anything else, you should get a cultivation license because that massive structure will undoubtedly attract some attention. 

Farming in a commercial grow room can be expensive because every component required to create the ideal growing environment will have to be high output equipment. 

The first step in setting up a commercial grow room is to zone it to accommodate the various stages of the marijuana plant’s life cycle: seeds, vegetative, and flowering stages. Each of these stages requires a different environment, such as varying light and humidity levels. 

Moreover, whether you own or rent the space, you should strive to maximize the available grow space. Mobile shelving systems allow you to stack your plants up to multiple tiers high, doubling or tripling the amount of space set aside for growing.  

Then again, their mobility allows for only one aisle per system, as opposed to static, non-movable units, which require an aisle for each section of shelving. Because you only need one aisle, you can save up to 50% of unused plant space. 

Get Started With An Indoor Marijuana Growing System

Join the marijuana home grow revolution with grow tents, closets, or cabinet indoor grow systems. For a mid-sized or large-scale operation, grow rooms are your best bet. 

Companies like MMI Agriculture are here to smoothen your indoor grow experience with our array of products like high-density mobile carriages, tabletop caster units, and ABS grow trays.

Contact us for a quote. 

7 Must-Haves For Rolling Vertical Grow Racks For Your Cannabis Grow Room 

Rolling Vertical Grow Racks commercial cannabis grow operations grow rooms

Rolling Vertical Grow Racks; A New Way To Stack More For Your Space

If you have the wrong grow room supplies, your operation was doomed long before you bought those tiny dark-brown cannabis starting seeds.

There are many components needed to have a successful and efficient grow operation. We are here to make sure that none of these components gets overlooked. 

One of the most essential components of any indoor grow operation is racking, specifically, high-density mobile shelving racking and rolling vertical grow racks. 

Why Do You Need Mobile Shelving Systems for Your Grow Operation?Mobile Shelving Systems for vertical farming systems and commercial indoor grow rooms.

Vertical farming aims to help you save space by building an agricultural space vertically rather than the conventional horizontal method. 

Rolling benches are the new alternative to mobile benching/racking…but what’s the difference? 

Mobile benches are basically multi-tier racks on wheels. Rolling benches, in contrast, are the same multi-tier rack but now on a rolling bar. 

Using a rolling bar allows for one worker to easily move benches that are sometimes spanning up to 100 feet. This feature helps increase speed, efficiency, and worker safety when tending plants.  

Also, the mobility of the racks helps provide significantly more grow space in your operation. Whereas with static, non-mobile units, you need an aisle for every section of shelving. By going mobile, you only need one aisle total. By going mobile you turn your aisles into yields.

The vertical racks are made unique to suit the farming system you have running.

Three Types of Vertical Farming

1. Hydroponicsplants growing in a hydroponic vertical grow operation. buy vertical grow racks for cannabis and hemp.

Hydroponics is the growing system most commonly used in vertical farms. It involves growing plants in a nutrient solution free of soil. The cannabis roots are submerged in the solution, which is (in most cases automatically) monitored and circulated to ensure a correct chemical composition is maintained.

How is water supplied to the tower? A typical vertical racking will have a reservoir tank at the bottom. The tank is attached to a special hydroponic pump that propels water to the topmost point of the tower. 

For a steady flow of water across the tower, the system relies on gravitational force to bring the water back to the reservoir after a full circulation. 

2. Aeroponics

Aeroponics was developed by NASA in a bid to find practical ways to grow crops in space. The mission of these brilliant minds was to find a way to grow plants in an air/mist environment with no soil or very little water.  

Aeroponics consumes 90% less water, levels that even the most efficient hydroponics system could only dare dream about.

Moreover, plants grown through aeroponics have been shown to take up more minerals and vitamins, making them healthier and potentially more nutritious.

3. Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a diverse system that incorporates plants and fish in the same ecosystem.  

Fish are hosted in indoor ponds, producing nutrient-rich waste that’s food for plants. The plants then filter and purify the wastewater, which is recycled to the fish ponds. 

The nature of aquaponics makes it uneconomical for commercial vertical farms; however, it can work well for small-scale farming. 

Five Benefits of Having Rolling Vertical Grow Racks For Your Cannabis Grow Rooms

Rolling vertical grow racks bring new dynamics to a grow room that set it apart from other systems.

1. Watering And Caring For Plants Is Simplified

Mobile systems allow you to move racks back and forth to create aisles as needed for easy plant maintenance. 

Moreover, these systems can come with a retractable mezzanine walkway that helps employees access those plants located on higher elevations

2. A Simple Approach To Increase Your Revenue By Making Extra Space On the Flyconcept image of how to increase revenue using vertical grow rack to grow cannabis hemp indoors.

This means you can turn your warehouse overhead space into revenue by providing more plant-growing area. You can also relocate entire rows of plants next to each other to maximize the growing area.

3. Higher Yields

High-density vertical grow racks can accommodate multiple levels of fans, plants, lighting, and irrigation equipment, allowing for higher yields.

4. Code Compliance

Commercial cannabis cultivation is still a new concept, and stakeholders are still working on local building codes. Having your operation backed by a reputable company ensures your systems are built to meet all the necessary regulations.

5. Improved Ergonomics

Rolling vertical grow racks often come in widths of 4′, allowing for convenient access to every plant across the expanse of the trays

The mobility of the systems allows for aisles to be created with ease, with employees being able to freely walk back and forth between the 3′ aisle to tend to their plants.

Six Qualities Of A Good Rolling System

As you choose the best cultivation system for your commercial cannabis grow room, there are various factors to consider.

1. Anti-corrosive

The atmosphere in a grow room can be harsh on the materials used in vertical racks. The air is humid, and a variety of chemicals are being handled. To endure the extreme conditions, the materials used in the construction of the racks must be anti-corrosive and rust-free. This feature also impacts the shelf’s durability or longevity.

2. Strong, Durable Materialstrong durable metal material used in vertical grow shelves and grow racks.

Vertical racks can be made from a variety of materials. However, stainless steel and aluminum are the most prevalent and recommended materials. These materials are strong while being lightweight. This ensures the security of your crops while minimizing the load on your building. 

Because of the robust materials, the systems can withstand seismic complications, guaranteeing the safety of your workers and keeping your operation running efficiently.

3. Customization Options

You need to select a system that is appropriate for your project. Depending on the dimensions of your room, the system must be installed differently, either horizontally or vertically, to fit precisely. 

Furthermore, whether you are performing hydroponics or aeroponics, each type has distinct requirements that your service provider needs to consider.

4. Installation ServicesWorkers discussing vertical shelving and grow racks for indoor cannabis grow rooms. buy vertical growing racks online USA.

A good rolling systems installation provider does more than just fix the racks to your grow room. The shelves must be nicely integrated into the overall design of the area. Detailed floor layouts and tailored drawings are required to help maximize capacity. 

Also, because no two green operations are the same, the systems ought to be tailored to the exact requirements of your grow space.

5. An Automated Rolling System

Manual rolling shelves are safe to use and work well. Then again, an automated system benefits your staff, especially when your cannabis plants grow, increasing the load on the shelving.

6. Anti-tip System

For those operations in seismic zones, an anti-tip system should be the priority. This helps to keep the shelves stable and prevents them from falling over. 

The load of the plants on the shelves can be substantial, especially as the levels increase. This component is often installed at the base rail and activates when shelves begin to topple. 

Equip Your Grow Room With the Best Rolling Vertical Grow Racks

Rolling vertical grow racks helps your grow operation be more efficient and profitable. The rack, when properly installed, enhances flexibility, flow efficiency, and the ergonomy of your operation. Overall it helps beef up what you can do in the available space, turning in quality and higher yields. 

The key to working rolling vertical grow racks is an experienced installation provider. MMI Agriculture is a high-density vertical grow rack manufacturer located in Ellenville, NY. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality and durable mobile, vertical grow rack shelving systems for the indoor agriculture industry.

Contact us today to learn more and/or to get a quote. 

7 Things You Need To Know to When Selecting Your Vertical Shelving Provider 

vertical farming for vertical grow racks from MMI Agriculture USA.

The Top Qualities That Every Vertical Shelving Provider Should Have

man and woman shopping for a vertical shelving provider for their indoor cannabis grow operation.

Vertical farming is the future. It has proven to be an efficient way to increase both your yields and profits. But what is vertical farming, and how do you choose the right vertical shelving provider?

Vertical farming is a way to utilize all the space in your indoor grow operation. Vertical shelving helps you grow up and out, maximizing the number of plants you can have in that space. This allows you to double or triple your cannabis yields and overall profits.

Indoor vertical farming systems allow for efficient use of all utilities, from lighting and airflow to irrigation. By utilizing vertical farming systems, you can take complete control over your grow environment

At MMI Agriculture, we provide several types of vertical shelving equipment, including mobile carriages, vertical grow racks, a retractable elevated decking, trays, and table top caster units that fit all operation sizes. 

For your cannabis indoor farming operation to run smoothly for a long time, you need high-quality equipment and an innovative and supportive vertical racking provider. In this article, we go through the top 7 things you need to know when selecting your vertical racking provider.

The Key To Building Your Indoor Vertical Farming Operation

If your grow is to be successful, you will need vertical shelving equipment from a company that provides lots of pre and after-sales services, an extended warranty, and availability to provide solutions when things don’t go as planned. 

Here are 7 things to consider when choosing a vertical farming equipment supplier.

1. Quality And Reliability Of Their Vertical Shelving

image showing high quality vertical farming equipment and vertical grow racks for sale from MMI agriculture USA.

Quality matters. To avoid replacing parts regularly, get a product that can last a long time. You need robust bulk racking frames, cross and diagonal beams for added strength and rigidity, as well as rebars or wire decking for lighting to be suspended from.

MMI Agriculture’s vertical Grow Racks are made using 14-gauge steel with an 8 bend design for extra strength. Cross and diagonal beams are also made using 14- gauge steel with interlocking tabs for added rigidity and easy installation.

Our bulk racking is also powder-coated to ensure durability and stability.

We offer a 10-year warranty on parts and labor, which is the longest and best in the industry. This long warranty speaks for itself regarding the quality of our products.

2. Innovation

wooden dice with light bulb. buy vertical shelving and mobile carriages, vertical grow racks in the USA

Is the company innovating? Is the provider coming up with new ways to improve their systems or help you get more yields? While vertical agriculture is a relatively new practice, a good racking provider should invest in creating new solutions and coming up with new ways to improve current vertical shelving.

MMI Agriculture is leading the charge to provide new tools and equipment that will either enhance yields or make the current models safer, more efficient, or easy to use. An example of this is our Retractable Elevated Decking

Our retractable elevated decking is a retractable mezzanine walkway that makes it easier for your employees to access plants located on higher elevations. Employees no longer have to make countless trips up and down ladders to tend to plants. This makes it safer and less time-consuming than any other decking on the market.

3. Expertise To Help Optimize Space

vertical farming executives planning to maximize space using mobile carriages and vertical grow racks

One of the main advantages that vertical indoor farming technology offers is the ability to make maximum use of the available space to increase yields. Therefore, a good vertical racking provider should have the expertise to help you use space efficiently.

At MMI Agriculture, we offer professional design and CAD services for all clients and prospective clients to ensure they optimize their respective grow spaces. Our design experts utilize the latest CAD software to create systems that meet each grow’s specific and unique needs.

We also provide capacity evaluations and site surveys. We can send one of our representatives to your site to measure your grow space and ensure all measurements are accurate.

4. Lead Times

Image of clock with human finger pointing to it. buy grow racks and mobile carriages in the USA. cannabis grow room equipment.

How fast can you get your indoor grow operational? First, you need to consider how quickly you can receive your racking and get it all installed. Once the racking is in place, then the rest of the components can be put in place and the growing can start. 

You need to be sure that the provider can design, ship, and install the system in a reasonable amount of time. Our vertical racking systems are made locally in the USA, reducing lead times. We have a nationwide installation crew to ensure every system is correctly installed on time.

5. The Solutions For An Operation Your Size

cannabis hemp mobile grow rack with casters for sale. vertical farming technology and vertical grow rack systems for sale.

Not everyone has a large grow space that can handle mobile or vertical rack systems. If your operation is somehow restricted for space, we have just the product for you.

MMI Agriculture Table Top Caster Units are designed for spaces that don’t have room for mobile and vertical rack systems. They sit atop caster wheels so they can be moved from room to room, swivel, and lock in place. 

6. Can Their Indoor Vertical Shelving Solutions Scale Up?

image of vertical shelving and mobile grow racks for sale in the USA from MMI Agriculture.

Indoor vertical farming allows you to maximize yields by optimizing the existing space. But what if you need to scale up? Do the solutions you use allow you to add more tiers? Can it be rearranged to reclaim unused space?

If you plan to scale up your operation, you should use providers like MMI Agriculture, whose vertical farming systems can be expanded as needed. Our uprights are available up to 21’ high and can go higher upon customer request.

Our mobile carriages eliminate wasted space and turn it into a more functional and effective growing space. These carriages sit atop flange wheels that can support up to 1,400 pounds per linear square foot! The mobile carriages can also extend up to 56 feet, enabling the use of every available inch.

7. What Other Services Do They Offer?

customer service rep on the phone helping customers buy vertical grow racks in the USA

Indoor vertical farming is more than buying and installing vertical shelves. You need to partner with a vertical farming solutions provider to ensure your setup runs smoothly.

At MMI Agriculture, we are with you every step of the way. Offering services such as permit acquisition, seismic calculations, site surveys, floor plans and drawings, capacity evaluations, and installation, our team is also available for any questions and support.

Ready To Switch To Vertical Shelving? Partner With MMI Agriculture Today And Maximize Yields

MMI Agriculture ticks all boxes in our list of things to consider when selecting the best vertical racking provider. First, we offer customized products and services to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you are in the market for high-density mobile carriages that are capable of doubling your yields, vertical grow racks that help your operation reach new heights, or table top castor units that can optimize your grow in restricted spaces, we have it all.

We also offer a retractable mezzanine walkway that allows easy access to sections located in higher elevations safely and in a less time-consuming way. 

We trust our products’ quality and reliability. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on labor and parts while other providers offer only one year. 

Contact us today to learn more or get a quote.