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Vertical Farming Systems Are The Key To Growing Cannabis Profits

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Vertical Farming Systems For Your Indoor Grow Operation

Growing marijuana indoors will give you more control over your plants and the environment in which they grow. It allows you to provide your plants with enough lighting, the right nutrients, and the appropriate amount of water. Unlike outdoor cultivation, it keeps your cannabis protected from strong winds, hailstorms, and heavy rain. 

That said, for more farmers, indoor cultivation comes with one major challenge- available space. If you’re just getting into cannabis cultivation, you may not have the resources to grow your first batch, say in a warehouse or large greenhouse. 

At the same time, it’s important to get high-quality and high quantity yields if you’re going to increase your bottom end. 

That’s where vertical farming systems come in. Designed to maximize space and offer more flexibility, these upright grow structures will allow you to grow your marijuana in multiple tiers, hence maximizing yields and profits.

When done correctly, indoor vertical grow systems can maximize your efficiency, thus increasing your profits.

greenhouse worker tending marijuana plants on mobile carriages and grow racks

What Is Indoor Vertical Farming Technology And Why Should You Consider It?

Vertical farming involves growing cannabis using vertically inclined platforms. The indoor vertical farming equipment enables you to grow your cannabis in multiple tiers.

These setups take less space, meaning you can grow more plants without needing to acquire additional space. But vertical growing does more than just double the grow space; it also reduces your energy bills and other resources.

Why Most Cannabis Growers Prefer Indoor Farming

If it’s too costly to maintain an indoor grow, why don’t people just grow outdoors?

To better understand this question, it’s important to understand the history around cannabis cultivation. It all boils down to how it started;

For many years, the authorities regarded cannabis as illegal. Cannabis lovers were therefore forced to grow their flowers indoors. Decades later, growers are still setting up their grows in warehouses.


For some, it’s a lack of outdoor growing space while for others it’s the lack of security and protection. However, for the majority, indoor farming is the only way they know how.

For indoor growers that want to expand their yields and maximize profits, growing up makes more sense than growing out.

greenhouse with hemp cannabis plants growing under LED lights in a vertical farming system

5 Reasons Why “Growing Up” Using Indoor Vertical Farming Systems Is The Future Of Cannabis

Here are some of the reasons why commercial cannabis farmers are gravitating towards indoor vertical grow systems.

1. Vertical Grow Racks Allows You To Reach New Heights With Your Grow System

Maximizing grow space is the primary role of vertical farming and, of course, the ability to quickly scale up your cannabis venture in climates that won’t support other grow methods.

Our vertical grow racks extend up to 21′ high, allowing for dual-level access. We can go higher than this upon customer request.

Adding two more levels to your grow room will allow you to plant twice as much cannabis, which will undoubtedly double or triple your profits. 

vertical farming technology vertical grow rack systems for sale

2. They Help Get The Most Out Of Your Resources

When setting up an indoor grow room, it’s imperative to invest in a proper lighting solution. You must also have proper airflow and temperature control to ensure your plants receive their optimal temperature. 

If you have a large grow room but only maintain one level of plants, investing in vertical grow racks would be a great idea. 

Vertical racks will ensure that your lighting, heating, and other overhead costs go to maximum use- the surest way to maximize your profits. You’re paying to have your entire facility heated and lit up- why use only a portion of it?

LED lights in warehouse for growing cannabis hemp marijuana plants indoors on vertical grow racks and vertical farming technology.

3. They Provide Better Conditions For Your Plants

You’ve probably come across farmers who congest their grow rooms with numerous plants, with total disregard to what these plants need to yield optimally. 

Overcrowded spaces often tend to produce stunted plants that are more susceptible to diseases. This is because the plants don’t have enough access to light and air.

Investing in vertical farming systems will help you plant more cannabis while keeping their unique needs in mind. These systems are designed with enough space in between levels; they will therefore give your cannabis plants adequate room to breathe and grow optimally.

image of marijuana plant cola growing on vertical farming technology and mobile vertical growing racks.

4. Combine Vertical Racks And Mobile Carriages For Maximum Flexibility

When combined with mobile carriages, our vertical farming technology creates a mobile vertical grow system that maximizes space and flexibility. 

Our high-density mobile carriages can hold up to 1,400 pounds per linear square foot and are capable of extending up to 56’ feet.

This vertical farming equipment also does away with empty aisles in your grow room, thus helping optimize space horizontally as well. 

Order these customizable mobile carriages today and turn any wasted space into a more functional and effective indoor cannabis operation.

mobile carriages vertical farming technology indoor cannabis grow. buy vertical farming racks, vertical grow rack systems, and high density vertical farming equipment.

5. You Can Grow Cannabis Anywhere, Including Urban Areas

Following the legalization of cannabis in many states, cannabis firms are expanding to incorporate both farming sites and dispensaries to sell their products. People are realizing the benefits of growing cannabis near large urban setups.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find large buildings or spaces for growing cannabis in densely populated cities. 

This is where vertical greenhouse growing systems excel. Our vertical farming technology allows you to increase production per square foot, hence amplifying your output two or three-fold.

Growing cannabis in a thriving urban area means that you can constantly supply locally grown cannabis to the local community without the additional transport costs and other logistics. 

Our vertical growing systems are customizable and can be installed anywhere, including a greenhouse, repurposed warehouse, or garage, depending on space availability.

image of clock in urban city. buy vertical grow racks, grow trays, and mobile carriages for cannabis hemp grow operations

Is Vertical Growing the Future of Cannabis?

The global vertical farming market is expected to grow by 25.7% by 2027, so indoor vertical farming is definitely the future of cannabis.

This rapid growth indicates the advancement, investment and optimization cannabis growers are making to achieve better quality and higher yields, while minimizing costs per square foot.

Vertical grow systems will provide additional canopy space, hence doubling your yields. This equipment also increases productivity, allowing you to keep up with the ever-growing customer demand.

Vertical farming technology also saves you money by allowing you to grow cannabis in multiple tiers, eliminating the need to acquire more land.

businessman showing success by drawing arrow pointing up. buy vertical farming systems for growing hemp and marijuana indoors.

You Know How To Grow; We Know How To Maximize Yields And Double Profits!

Now that you know how vertical farming systems can help grow your profits, how do you determine the right vertical grow system for your cannabis operation? At MMI Agriculture Solutions, we offer products and services tailored specifically for each grow operation.

Not only will we offer you a free customized floor plan drawing, but we will also dispatch our skilled and experienced crew to ensure that your grow system is installed and running correctly.

Once you contact us, if needed, we can conduct a site survey and carry out capacity evaluations. These work in conjunction with one another to determine the best plan for your grow operation. 

We also have the ability to carry out any seismic calculations, or retrieve any permits that may be required. Our systems are designed and fortified to withstand any seismic complications, which only helps to ensure the safety of your operation. 

We trust our products, and that’s why we offer a 10-year warranty on parts and labor- the longest and the best in the industry.

It’s time to take your grow operation to higher levels and double your profits. Contact us today to learn more and/or to get a quote.

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