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Rolling Hydroponic Benches

Reduce cultivation costs and increase your plant volume with MMI's high-density rolling benches.

Grow up to 5x more within the same space by utilizing every square foot of your facility.

MMI’s Rolling Grow Benches easily integrate with other essential grow equipment like lighting, irrigation, drainage, and airflow systems.

Custom room designsare available to create the most efficient grow space and workflow for your company.


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Reach New Heights With Your Grow System

Our vertical grow racks help our clients to extend their available grow space horizontally. Our uprights are available up to 21′ high, allowing for dual-level access. We have the ability to go higher upon customer request.

Our bulk racking is made of 14-gauge steel with an 8-bend design for extra strength. Cross and diagonal beams result in one of the strongest uprights on the market. Our step beams are also 14-gauge steel with three interlocking tabs per upright for added rigidity.


Features & Benefits
  • Three-finger interlocking beam support locks into the upright with adjustability on 2” increments, allowing for the ultimate flexibility in setting your tray levels based on your desired growing style and method.
  • The ability to offset support beams from front to back when an additional pitch is required for more aggressive water drainage within the trays.
  • Includes under tray supports that can be used for mounting a variety of inner canopy accessories, such as lights, air movement, etc. Additional supports can be added to achieve higher weight capacities if needed.
*NEW Modular Uprights

By upgrading the Vertical Grow Racks to a new modular upright design, Pipp was able to create many additional cost-saving benefits for your facility!

  • Dual Coat Corrosion Protection: An E-Coat base layer provides complete coverage, negating the faraday effect, while a powder coat top layer provides a reflective white color with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Pass-Thru Flexibility: Each spanner position can be adjusted to allow for optimal tray positioning, drainage plumbing, electrical runs, air circulation, and other ancillary systems.
  • Transportation Cost Savings: Reduced shipment damages and improved on-site handling of material (tight hallways, turning corners, and unloading of trucks).
  • Racks are available up to 16’ high. (Racks higher will need engineering review and approval.)
  • Typically provided in 8’x4’ or 4’x4’ configurations to match today’s LED light footprints. However, other sizes and depths are available to maximize your space fully.
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Why MMI?

MMI Agriculture is the industry-leading provider of Mobile Vertical Grow Solutions with installations in over 2,500 grow rooms worldwide! With over 40 years of experience serving the nation’s top retailers, Mmi has engineered a variety of cost-effective solutions that can exponentially grow your production without increasing your square footprint. Mmi’s Mobile Vertical Racking System allows cultivators to grow up to 5x more by maximizing their cubic grow space and creating more efficient workflows.

Check out our facility video to learn how we were able to help Planted Detroit transform its growing space by creating a Controlled Environment Agriculture System with 8-tiered grow racks!

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