Make the Most of Your Growing Space

Ask about our mobile carriages in Pine Bush, NY

As you put together a plan for your grow operation, you may run into a problem: a lack of space. Much of that precious space is needed to create aisles for employees to be able to access each row of plants. When those aisles aren't being used, that space is being wasted, crops are not being grown, and money is not being made. Eliminate wasted space with a mobile carriage from MMI Agriculture Solutions. Based in Pine Bush, NY, our goal is to help you make the most of your growing space using forward-thinking technology and devices.

Simply put, going mobile allows our clients to grow more and yield more. Stationary units require more aisle space, thus reducing your total canopy/grow space. By going mobile, clients have the benefit of turning aisles into rows and dead space into grow space.

We manufacture all of our carriages in house, giving us the unique ability to completely customize each and every order to fit each and every operation. We also have three different gear ratios on our mobile carriages to ensure that the carriages are moving at a speed our clients are most comfortable with. Lastly, by going mobile, our customers have the potential to yield more than 200% more per harvest.

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How does it work?

Our mobile carriage system is designed to provide a convenient, easy way to access your plants while working to eliminate wasted space. This system...

  • Uses different gear ratios to move loads of all sizes
  • Holds up to 1,400 pounds per linear square foot
  • Extends up to 56 feet for maximum use
All of our carriages include a 10-year warranty. Contact us now for additional information.