Don't Let Space Go to Waste

We'll create a custom drawing for your layout in Pine Bush, NY

If you're putting together a plan for your greenhouse or other growing space, you'll want to explore all of the space-saving methods available to you. Using every square foot of space to its fullest requires careful planning, and MMI Agriculture Solutions is here to help. We create custom drawings for property owners and growers all throughout the country, as well as internationally. These growers all have two major things in common: they want to increase their seasonal yield and eliminate wasted space

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A personalized process for your drawing

Planning ahead is the best way to increase your yield and maximize your growing space. When you hire us, we will...

  • Meet with you to talk about available space-saving methods
  • Create a custom drawing that fits your building's specifications
  • Go over everything with you and make adjustments as needed
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The process consists of first developing/creating a floorplan that maximizes each grow operation. There are two ways for us to do this. The first way is by obtaining the CAD file for the operation. Using the CAD file, our team of drafters insert our blocking into the rooms on file and ensure that each room is getting a system that maximizes their grow potential. In the event that there isn't a CAD file for the project, then our drafting team would draw each room based on the dimensions given and insert our blocking and systems into each room. In order for this to happen, our team needs to know the dimensions of the rooms, where any doors and obtrusions are located, and how high the ceilings are. This is all a complimentary service that we offer to ensure that our customers really are maximizing their space. Our team of drafters can also work in conjunction with any architect that may be in the midst of developing a plan already. They work with architects and designers from all different sectors almost daily.